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The original premier source for Medical, Laboratory & Industrial Refrigeration Service in Southern California

ULT, Lab Refrigerator, Orange County, Los  Angeles, Laboratory, Hospital, Refrigeration
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Ultra Low Lab Service, Hospital Refrigeration, Southern California, Refrigrator, Commercial Refrigeration
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 Services we offer and the types and brands of equipment we service


 What we believe

How we began

How we grew from a married couple in a garage with a dog


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Quality you deserve from a company you trust...

We are the original premier refrigeration source for the scientific, medical & industrial community. Being the first in  Southern California has allowed us to obtain a deluge of knowledge and experience that is unsurpassed.

We offer an array of services to meet the stringent demands of our customers and the industry. We serve the high-tech, advanced world of refrigeration in the greater Southern California Area. We provide sales, service, and installation so we can completely serve the needs our customers have.

Some of our services...                                                                        

-Preventive Maintenance

-Reactive Service




-Monitoring Solutions

To see more of the services we offer

 types of equipment we service

-Ultra Low Freezers


-Environmental Chambers

-Refrigerators : Blood Bank, Laboratory etc...

-Freezers: Tissue, Research, Laboratory etc...

-CO2 & LN2 Backup Systems

-Thermal Shock Chambers

-Temperature Cycling Chambers

-Ovens : Industrial & Laboratory


For a full list of equipment serviced


Brands Serviced...

Ultra Low Freezer Service Orange County Los Angeles County, California

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