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Our Story

The origination of Scientific Refrigeration began in 1977 when Earl Adams and Duane Robinson got together and formed a business called, "Adams and Robinson Enterprises" or A&R Enterprises as it is known by many.

Earl, who had worked with Duane previously for a refrigeration company in Orange, CA, was employed by Hyland Labs in Costa Mesa as a refrigeration technician; Duane was employed by UCI as their Air Conditioning and Refrigeration head technician. During this time Duane was also teaching his field of work at Garden Grove School District at their adult education branch.

When they weren't working for "the man" they started doing side work for residential and commercial A/C and refrigeration. The resounding need for independent contractors in this field allowed Earl to go full time with this business venture. Duane came aboard the business full time as finances permitted. During the early years of the business they worked on everything from household appliances to commercial freezers.

Some might say these boys' business venture would have been extremely harder, if not impossible without the financial, emotional, moral, and loving support given by Earl's wife Juanita and Duane's wife Martha. They both had good jobs and endless patience. Martha, Duane's wife, was employed by a division of American Hospital Supply, V. Mueller Endoscopy. She became aware that another branch of American Hospital Supply, Scientific Products, was looking for someone to teach their service techs refrigeration. Since Duane had a California state teachers credential she thought he would be a perfect fit. Duane contacted Scientific Products and everything was supposed to be approved for him to start teaching. Six months later still nothing had happened or gone through and then a phone call came through from SP with the following question. "Since you teach refrigeration can you work on our equipment?" The answer was a resounding, "Yes!"

A&R Enterprises was starting a new business venture named Scientific Refrigeration. Early in the 1980's they started working exclusively on medical and industrial laboratory equipment and became a service center for many manufacturers.

In 1987 Duane became the sole owner of the company but Earl remained on as a valuable member of the staff until his passing in 2001. In the summer of 1987 Scientific Refrigeration gained one of its first employees, Dwain Klingert. Dwain has since become the Chief Technician and is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable people in the laboratory refrigeration field to date. Dwain also specializes in temperature chambers and ovens. Approximately 6 months later Scientific Refrigeration gained another employee, Stephen Toellner. Steve is the Senior Technician and specializes in temperature and humidity chambers as well as refrigeration; he is one of the most skilled and knowledgeable people pertaining to calibration and validation. Steve is also heading up our new venture into the temperature mapping field. Also in 1988 Duane's wife Martha joined the company full time. She remains to this day as an intricate part of the staff directing the activities of the business. Her husband, Duane also remains as an active member of the Scientific Refrigeration team. Since the late 80's early 90's Scientific Refrigeration has become one of the largest and well known laboratory service providers on the west coast holding contracts with most major hospitals as well as being the foremost factory authorized service provider for most brands of equipment.

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